They are the nightmare of every product developer - unreliable test stands! In many places, improvised test stands are used and
too much time, money and resources are wasted on it. All while the focus of the customer is and should be on the device under test.
The main tasks of any test stand are to function reliably and be easy to use.
Developing a test stand requires interdisciplinary work and experiences.
So usually the knowledge and experience of an expert is necessary, because both the functional requirements are met by the
topics of workplace safety and conformity to the existing rules.

HILSTER can help you in the following ways:

In addition HILSTER offers you the development of turn key test stands.

Do it right the first time.

HILSTER test stands can be automated by using the existing htf framework. This reduces training efforts needed for a new

Advantages: Time, Cost and Risk

The development of test stands is one of the core competencies of HILSTER. Our employees create test stands with the user in mind,
enabling effective work on the device under test.
By using the knowledge and experience of HILSTER, you can reduce the risk of misinvesting and you can focus your resources
on developing a new product.
A good test stand is key to successful and low-risk product development.

Integrating the HILSTER Testing Framework
Conformity to norms

Especially for mechanical test stands or test stands that are using electrical current, the topic of work place safety is
essential. The CE-conformity is to be given according to the relevant norms and rules and is mandatory for the employer.
Often this is not regarded due to a lack in experience, knowledge or time.

HILSTER supports you in the oftentimes unpopular topics of "CE-conformity and documentation".

Possible applications

Our test stands can be used for the following scenarios:

Installation and Maintenance

HILSTER supports you with the installation and maintenance of test stands to assure they are operational at all times.


This example shows a simple, mobile test stand that includes a PLC that is controled by the HILSTER Testing Framework.

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